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School Supply List 2017-18

School Supply List 2017-2018


6- #2 Ticonderoga pencils (child's preference lg or sm) sharpened

2- 2 inch erasers

10- pencil tip erasers

2-8 count box Crayola crayons

1- set washable markers classic colors

1- pair scissors (metal, Fiskars preferred)

1- 8 oz. white Elmer's glue

8- glue sticks

1- school box

2-composition notebook (100 page, wide-ruled)

2- packet folders (1 plastic, 1 paper)

1- box of facial tissues

Backpack, no wheels

Boys- 1 box of Ziploc quart size bags; Girls- 1 box of Ziploc gallon size bags

1st Grade

24- #2 yellow pencils, sharpened

2- 2 inch erasers

2- 24 count box Crayola crayons

2- 4 count set Expo dry erase markers (Expo only)

1- pair of scissors (pointed, metal Fiskars preferred)

12- glue sticks

1- school box (snap top lid)

1- 70 sheet wide-ruled spiral notebook

1- composition notebook (100 page, wide ruled)

3- packet folders (heavy duty with fasteners)

Boys bring 1 box of Ziploc quart/sandwich size bags, Girls bring 1 box of Ziploc gallon size bags

Boys bring 1 bottle of GermX (unscented); Girls bring 1 container of Clorox wipes

1-box of facial tissues


2nd Grade

24- #2 yellow pencils

4- erasers (large)

1- 24 count Crayola crayons

1- package colored pencils

1- 5 count highlighter set

1-dry erase marker set (regular size, not thin)

1-ruler (metric on one side)

8-glue sticks & one bottle of glue

1- pair scissors

1- school box

2- 70 sheet spiral notebook

2- pocket folders (solid color)

2- boxes of facial tissues

1- container of antibacterial wipes

Gym Shoes

3rd Grade

24- #2 yellow pencils

1- eraser

1-box colored pencils

1- 24 count box Crayola crayons

1-dry erase marker set

1- 8 oz. white Elmer's glue

1- package of glue sticks

1- pair of scissors (pointed)

1- ruler (metric on one side)

1- package index cards (white, 3x5)

1- school box

1- 70 sheet spiral notebook (wide-ruled)

1- package of 5 highlighters

2- 2nd or 3rd grade paper writing tablets for proper handwriting

1- package loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)

6 - pocket folders (with clasps)

2- boxes of facial tissues

Gym shoes

4th Grade

24- #2 yellow Ticonderoga pencils

2- erasers (large)

1- box colored pencils

1- yellow highlighter

4- red pens

1- 4 pack Black Expo dry erase markers

1- glue stick (large)

1- ruler (metric and inches) (wood or hard plastic)

1- pair of scissors (pointed)

1- package loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

4- 3 hole poly pocket folders (one red, yellow, blue, green)

1- 3 inch, 3 ring binder with clear plastic cover/pocket (Habben and Fountain only)

2- boxes of facial tissues

1- pencil pouch, made for a three ring binder

1- box of Ziploc gallon size bags (Students last name A-M)

1-box of Ziploc gallon size bags (Students last name N-Z)

5th Grade

24- #2 yellow pencils (no mechanical pencils/erasers)

2- ballpoint pens (blue or black)

2- highlighters

1- package colored pencils

1- 8 count markers

1- 8 count dry-erase markers

1- 24 count box Crayola crayons

1- 8 ox. white Elmers glue

4- glue sticks

1- ruler (metric & inches)

2- packages loose leaf notebook paper

4- 70 sheet spiral notebooks

6- folders (pocket)

1- 3 ring binder (1.5 inch with clear insert cover)

1- school box

2- boxes of facial tissue

1- box of Ziplock quart or gallon size bags

Gym shoes

Student/Parent Handbook

Backpack Program

Mintonye Kids Backpack Program LogoAs parents of Mintonye students, we are seeking your support for the Food Finder's Backpack Program. This program is currently in place in nine area counties serving over 1700 children. At all participating schools, food is distributed through a network of volunteers on Fridays before the children leave for the weekend. Thanks to the buying power and donations of Food Finders Food Bank, it costs only $5 per child, per week to provide up to 10 pounds of "kid friendly" and nutritious food for the weekend. Although many schools receive state grant support, the Mintonye program is funded through private donations and volunteer efforts. Child participants are selected based on the National Free and Reduced Lunch program and the school counselor's awareness of each child's situation. Most of our recipients are in a household with a single parent, or parents who are classified as working poor, those individuals who are employed but don't earn enough to make ends meet.

For more information please check out our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MintonyeBackpacks?sk=wall

History of Mintonye

History of Mintonye

The name Mintonye /Min-tawny/ comes from the Mintonye family, owners of the land where the original Mintonye school once sat. The original Mintonye school was a one room school house east of the current school property.

The Mintonye Cemetary lies near the original school site. The original school operated from 1860-1909. From 1909-1967, there was no Mintonye school. The current Mintonye building was constructed and dedicated in 1967.

Mintonye and students 1905

Mintonye Elementary circa 1905