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Special Feature: The Dome Theater!
Special Feature: The Dome Theater!

Designed to immerse the students in a variety of special shows about the universe, planets, dinosaurs, earth, and wildlife, the Dome Theater experience is similar to a tiny, portable IMAX, where the show becomes bigger than life. Pioneers learned about the world around them in in an engaging way. Many students headed into the dome with no hesitation, while several were a bit fearful of what was inside the oversized, air-filled, black igloo. After each show, everyone emerged with smiles. It was easy to see that the inflatable theater with it's sound, lights, and informative programs was a huge hit!

Teachers selected shows on a variety of topics that were grade appropriate and that would enhance their classroom discussion.

Kindergarten experienced Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

First Grade experienced Earth's Wild Ride

Second Grade experienced the Dinosaur Prophecy

Third Grade experienced Habitat Earth

Fourth Grade experienced Future Moon

Fifth Grade experienced Passport to the Universe

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