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Pioneers Pitching In
Pioneers Pitching In

While families around the nation were locating paperwork for school registration and buying supplies to kick off the 2017-2018 school year, families of the 850+ Bane Elementary students, in Houston, TX were attempting to keep themselves, their families, homes, and belongings safe from Hurricane Harvey. Originally, officials were not certain how much damage would be caused and what areas would be hit the hardest, but some families from the Cypress Fairbanks School District fled their homes to relocate to lesser affected locations. Those that fled have yet to return and may have to enroll, at least temporarily, in a different school; one closer to their temporary home. Many that were able to stay have had to provide shelter for friends and family that were less fortunate. Families struggle to find routine and are unsure, even after a nine day delay, that they are ready for school to start, but look forward to a sense of normalcy.

The damage and destruction is widespread in their community, but some of the schools have been impacted in ways you wouldn't normally consider. City officials have had to ensure that the buildings and nearby reservoirs are safe, both structurally, and from a hygienic standpoint. School administrators have to accommodate for variables in class size and enrollment. They will rethink bus transportation and provide some leniency for absences that result from the flood damage. School districts are applying to the state to request a waiver for the nine missed school days. Counselors are providing input on how to best deal with student's questions about the natural disaster; encouraging everyone to stay positive. Mobile restrooms have been provided. Drinking water has to be tested. Carpets have to have water extracted, disinfected, and deep cleaned prior to the student's return. It is possible that the Athletic Calendar will need altering and there is a potential for the need of delays in assessments and testing.

Pioneers can sympathize with the roller coaster ride Bane Elementary is experiencing, as we relocated the school temporarily due to tornado damage, from the fall of 2013 - the fall of 2014. We were fortunate that we had the comfort of our safe homes to return to nightly. There is not a more caring and giving community than our Mintonye—Strong—Pioneers! Student Services Coordinator, Tara Striegel, has been in contact with the Bane Elementary School Principal. The school has many needs, monetary donations are amongst the most beneficial. But, Principal Marz says that her families could benefit from the donation of underclothes and socks for children aged 4-12 years old (male and female), new clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, and gift cards (that could be used for food and other needs). Donations will be accepted at Mintonye Elementary School from Monday, September 11 through Friday, September 15. Once the final donations arrive, they will be shipped to Bane Elementary to be shared with students, their families, and Bane Elementary staff members who have been affected by the flooding.

Principal Marz extends her sincerest thanks to our community for our kindness and generosity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Striegel at tlstriegel@tsc.k12.in.us or 765.269.8872.