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Nursery Rhyme Day
Nursery Rhyme Day

Nursery Rhyme Day was an overwhelming success at Mintonye Elementary. On October 25 the kindergarten classes celebrated Fall Party Day with a focus on Nursery Rhymes. Each kindergarten student worked with their family at home to choose a Nursery Rhyme to perform for the kindergarten classes and their families. Thursday afternoon was the day that the students had prepared for. After practicing the rhymes at home and participating in fun Nursery Rhyme activities in the classroom, it was time to present the Nursery Rhymes at school. Each student dressed up for a Nursery Rhyme and got up on stage to perform the Rhyme. Following the Nursery Rhyme Presentation, the kindergarten classes were able to celebrate their accomplishments with a Fun Fall Party.

Some of the kindergarten activities leading up to the big day included Nursery Rhyme stations, Nursery Rhyme write the room, and Nursery Rhyme retelling . Miss Delp's class worked in small groups to learn about different Nursery Rhymes. In these stations the students put a Humpty Dumpty puzzle together, made little lambs for Little Bo Peep, and Sequenced the Nursery Rhyme Jack and Jill. One activity Mrs. DeGoyler's class participated in was called Nursery Rhyme Count and Write the Room. There were cards with various things from Nursery Rhymes posted around the room. The kids had to take their recording sheet and walk around the room to find the nursery rhyme pictures. Then, they counted and recorded their findings! Mrs. Shurman's kindergarten class practiced their acting skills using props to build poem retelling skills. The class acted out different Nursery Rhymes such as Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty.

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