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Mintonye students learn safety first
Mintonye students learn safety first

"Do you know what to do if someone gets hurt?" asks IU Health Arnett Trauma Services Nurse Teresa Williams. First-grade students at Mintonye Elementary respond, "Call 9-1-1!" Williams talked to students about the importance of knowing when to call for emergency help, knowing your address and other steps everyone can take to be safe. She encouraged students to wear a helmet when they ride their bikes and to stay away from power tools.

Williams' visit is part of a 'Be Prepared' project at Mintonye Elementary School ,funded with a Seeds of Excellence grant from the Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County. The grant covered new first aid backpacks, tourniquets and medical supplies for each teacher. In addition, students received age-appropriate, basic first aid education.

"Students learned how injuries happen and how to prevent them by making wise choices," says first-grade teacher Sarah Overbay. "Injuries can happen whether you are at school or at home. We want to educate the students to make good decisions to prevent injury and what to do if first aid is needed."

Williams introduced older students to the Stop the Bleed program. She went over the basic steps: call 9-1-1, cover the wound and apply pressure until help arrives.

"As young as you are, you can still make a difference," says Williams.