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First Grade Field Trip
First Grade Field Trip

First Grade Fall Field Trip

Nothing defines the fall season like an orchard visit! In September, the Mintonye first grade class went on a field trip to the Wea Creek Orchard.

Hands-on experiences are great for students to learn about a subject area. The subject area first graders had been studying was apples. At Wea Creek Orchard, students were able to learn about the importance of seeds, bees, apples and other plant life. The students were also able to explore the orchard and pick their own apples.

"Students really have the opportunity for hands-on learning with this field trip," said first grade teacher, Jacqui Grider. "An added bonus was our Mintonye students were taught by retired Mintonye Teachers, Mary Peckinpugh and Susan Robey at Wea Creek Orchard."

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