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Students find Mystery Locations
Students find Mystery Locations

"We think we know where you live," Mrs. Lawson's fifth grade class chanted. "Do you live in West Virginia?" A loud celebration follows as students learn they determined the correct state.

Students in Mrs. Lawson's fifth grade class participate in Mystery Location with classrooms across the United States and Canada. On this particular day, students were doing a Google Meet with students from Morgantown, West Virginia. Students use geography and critical thinking skills to ask yes or no questions to narrow down where the classroom is from.

Students rotate jobs and run the Mystery Location themselves. Cole Weidenburner, who helped determine what questions to ask the other class, says, "Google Hangouts are awesome and it's a fun time to learn where other people live."

Mikenzee Taylor, who worked with Cole, says, "I'm learning where my states are and what being landlocked means. I like using the maps and marking off the states that aren't it."

Mrs. Lawson organizes these Mystery Locations about once a week for her class to participate in. "I am always so impressed by how they learn their regions and states after we participate in these for a while. They are a lot more confident with knowing their directions, like north, south, east, and west," she said. She has been participating in Mystery Locations with her classes for about six years.

So far students have done Mystery Locations with classes from Ontario, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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