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Spotlighting A Student Teacher at Mintonye Elementary
Kristy Delp

 Each year, usually during the spring semester, Mintonye is host to Purdue student teachers. This year, Miss Allie Conkin did her student teaching experience in Room 15 with Mrs. Davis’s second graders. Having a student teacher in the classroom is beneficial for both the teacher and the students. The teacher (referred to as the Cooperating Teacher or CT) learns new things while the student teacher (known as the Teacher Candidate or TC) gains hands on experience. The student teacher asks lots of questions and makes the teacher think about why s/he does things a certain way. It's like a reminder to always keep learning and growing as a teacher. Student teachers start by observing and getting to know the students, and then they gradually take on more responsibilities, like teaching small groups of students. It's a great way for them to practice and learn how to be a teacher. Before the end of each experience, TCs solo teach for one or two weeks to understand how it feels to have his/her own classroom. 
     Miss Conkin spent time each week in our class during the Fall semester. She got to know the students and build a rapport with them before starting her actual field experience this semester. Mrs. Davis' class accepted her as another teacher in the room, and strong connections developed. Her final day was emotional for everyone, and we look forward to welcoming her back as a substitute teacher at Mintonye throughout the remaining weeks of the school year. 

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group hug


Mrs. Davis and Miss Conkin
class hugging teacher