Tippecanoe School Corporation
Second Graders at Mintonye Learn About Manufacturing
Kristy Delp

Mintonye’s Second Grade recently had a field trip to the Tippecanoe Fairgrounds hosted by the Greater Lafayette Commerce. The field trip was designed to expose grade school students to the manufacturing field. The students rotated between four stations that included a LEAN, quality, supply chain, and a teamwork activity. 

The companies that hosted stations were: 

Wabash National - Did a Supply Chain Activity and the students simulated the process of the supply chain (Large Legos) being shipped by ship, train, and semi truck to the factory and then built a trailer with the Legos. 
Subaru - Had small robot cars that were run by color coded squares.  In teams the students had to figure out different paths for the cars to run using the color coded squares. In their other station, they had each individual build a robot from a plastic cup and pipe cleaners.  Then they used Their cup robot, an iPad, and a round silver robot to transport small Legos to a specific point. 
Caterpillar - Had a team building activity for groups of 4 students to build a bulldozer and backhoe with construction building pieces.  each student was to put on a part to build the construction machine. 

The students totally enjoyed the Field Trip and the time their went by so fast. When Mrs. Bymaster's second grade returned they wrote about their favorite parts of the trip. It was a fun day for everyone. 

Game with color tiles
small group working
Boy displaying his project


group working at table
Group building with plastic blocks
Group playing
Group building a tower