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Second Grade Brownie Troop Creates Art
Kristy Delp

Mintonye's second grade Brownie troop has been working the last couple months on earning the Girl Scout Painting badge.  One of the requirements of the badge is to paint a mural.  The troop partnered with Amanda Kennedy, owner of Flourish Studio & Classroom for the girls to learn more about painting and to bring the mural to life!  The process started with a brainstorming session where Amanda encouraged the girls to think about traits that are important to them as students at Mintonye.  The girls also thought about traits they want to display for other students.  The brownie troop was then challenged to draw a picture in a small group that represented these ideas.  We then combined the most important elements from each group's drawings and Amanda helped transfer these drawings to the canvas.  When it came to painting, Amanda also guided the troop in a great teamwork exercise.  First, each girl mixed her own hue of each color, orange, yellow, green, etc. which really showed the uniqueness of each girl.  Then, instead of assigning a section for each girl to paint, each Brownie used small brush strokes of her color in the yellow section, green section, and so on.  The girls continued these small brush strokes until that whole section was filled.  Not only was this painting method a great way to add dimension to the canvas, but a great example  of how it represented each girl's unique color coming together to form a beautiful piece of artwork that represented the group as a whole!  The troop really hopes everyone enjoys this painting they worked so hard on and that it represents Mintonye well!

                                             Second Grade Brownies and Mrs. Kennedy, Troop 4041

Troop 4041