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Pumpkin Carving Fun
Kristy Delp


Pumpkin math was a great way to spend Halloween at Mintonye Elementary.  Mrs. Tilley’s third grade and Ms. Overbay’s kindergarten worked together to investigate pumpkins.  The third graders and kindergarteners measured the circumference and counted the ribs in the pumpkin together.  The buddies went on to empty out the pumpkin meat and made groups of 10 to 100 with the pumpkin seeds.  The final task of the math lesson was carving the pumpkin.  Ellie, a kindergartener said, “I loved carving the pumpkin”.  The math lesson did not end there, however, the students were carving different shapes into their pumpkins. “I loved carving the shapes in the pumpkin” Izzy, a kindergartener, said. The kindergarten and third grade buddies had a successful math lesson that was fun and engaging.  Learning is fun for everyone when pumpkins are involved!

Pumpkin carving 3
Pumpkin Carving 2