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Mintonye Kindergarteners Celebrate 100 Days of Learning
Kristy Delp

Across the nation, kindergarten classrooms are buzzing with excitement as they reach a momentous milestone: 100 days of school! This special day is more than just a calendar marker; it's a joyous celebration of the incredible growth and learning these little learners have achieved. Mintonye Kindergarten Classrooms celebrated the 100th Day of school on Thursday, January 25, 2023. 

The celebrations vary from classroom to classroom. Here's a glimpse into some of the fun-filled world of 100th-day festivities in Miss Delp’s Kindergarten. A special thank you goes to the parent helpers that came in to help with the fun 100 Day activities! 

  • Foodie Fun: Snack time takes on a whole new meaning with 100-themed treats. The class made a trail mix with items. 
  • Mystery Picture: Students had to color in different numbers on a 100’s grid to find a mystery picture.
  • Graphing: The students graphed 100 M&M’s
  • Hershey Kiss Hunt: The class found 100 Hershey Kisses hidden in the classroom. 

Here's to the amazing kindergartners who have reached the 100-day milestone! May their curiosity continue to bloom, their laughter fill the classrooms, and their love for learning grow brighter with each passing day.
Happy 100th Day of School!

Two children smiling
small group working
100 Lemonade Project
girl making trail mix snack