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Making Candy Bags in Kindergarten at Mintonye Elementary
Kristy Delp

Mrs. DeGolyer’s kindergarten class participated, along with the other kindergarten classes at Mintonye Elementary, in a candy bag challenge at the end of October. The boys and girls designed and created candy bags that will hold a bag of candy as part of a STEM project. The class worked in small groups to design the bags. The candy bag challenge took two days for Mrs. DeGolyer’s class to complete. The first day, the class worked on learning about candy and sorting and graphing. The class also learned about the weight of a bag of candy. Then on the second day, the class designed, created, and tested their candy bags. This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) projects was a great activity for the class to tackle a challenge. Evie, Zayne, and Finnley said, “This is the best day ever creating a candy bag!”  

1 group working on their bag
1 group with a bag
3 kids with a bag
4 kids with a candy bag
4 kids with bag