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Learning Real Life Social Skills at Mintonye
Kristy Delp

Academics are, of course, important for students and teachers at Mintonye Elementary. However, teachers also feel that it is important for students to learn skills that will be important throughout life, such as shaking hands, looking someone in the eye, and answering questions. Adults know that each of those skills improve with experience, Mrs. Miller’s room 7 is learning those particular skills now in her class, and practicing several times a week with something she calls Community Circle.

Mrs. Miller says about four times a week, “we start the day by sitting in a circle and each child takes turns shaking hands and saying good morning to the person on their right. As a class, we watch the handshake move around the circle. We have been working hard on making eye contact as we say hello. Next, I ask a simple question and each child takes turns answering. Some students choose to not answer and that is ok too.”

Every day is a different question, on this day Mrs. Miller asked students why they were thankful for one of their friends. At the conclusion of the Community Circle we designate a “well wisher” who is leads the class wishing anyone absent “well”.

Mrs. Miller says “We are working hard to improve our social skills everyday through our Community Circle. “