Tippecanoe School Corporation
Kindergarten Fun
Kristy Delp

Fun was had by all on Tuesday, May 17th. Kindergarten classes participated in the very first Kindergarten Fun Day. Thanks to many parent volunteers it was a huge success. Kindergarten students rotated through ten stations outside on a beautiful sunny morning. Many of the stations were a big hit with the children including the water balloon toss, the rock, paper, scissors competition, parachute ball toss, and many more. The students also enjoyed playing with bubbles and decorating the front sidewalk at Mintonye with sidewalk chalk. The overwhelming favorite station was the llama stations. We had a llama students could pet and learn about! This school year is winding down and Kindergarten Fun Day was a great way to celebrate a wonderful end to the kindergarten year!

parachute fun
students eating popsicles
Claire with sidewalk picture