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Holidays Around the World in Mrs. Swick's Class
Kristy Delp

Mrs. Swick’s Class has been learning how the November/December holiday season is celebrated around the world. First the students made their own suitcase to travel around the world. Then they received plane tickets and passport stamps for each of the countries they were going to “visit”. 

The students “visited” 13 countries and learned about the different holidays that are celebrated at the end of the calendar year. Some of the holidays the students learned about were Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Chinese New Year. Mrs. Swick read stories about each of the countries and holidays. Then the class watched videos about each country that explained the country's holiday, customs, and culture.

After learning about the holiday’s around the world, the students said they are all excited to got home and celebrate with their families!

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class watching video