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Grinch Day in Mrs. Grider's First Grade Classroom
Kristy Delp

Grinch day is an all day event in Mrs. Grider's first grade classroom. The students begin the day by noticing the Grinch left them a  note on the board saying "You've been Grinched". They then began noticing changes in the classroom. The pencils were green, the candy canes on the Christmas tree were green, and Mrs. Grider's markers were all green. The class also did many literacy activities including reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss and answering comprehension questions. The class also sorted words  from the book by digraph and used hand lenses to find adjectives. Students also made a Grinch craft, played a green strategy game, and enjoyed green snacks of cookies and punch. Mrs. Grider's class also watched the original movie and then compared and contrasted the movie and book. Lastly, students made Grinch Dust to spread in their yards at home so that the Grinch doesn't steal their presents. Grinch day is a fun and memorable day for all of the children! 

watching movie
grinch note
Grinch craft