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Egg-citing Journey with Hatching Chicks in First Grade with Mrs. Habben
Kristy Delp

In Mrs. Habben's first grade classroom, a flurry of excitement filled the air as students dove into the world of life cycles. With a special focus on the process of hatching chicks, the classroom transformed into a hub of curiosity and learning.

Equipped with an incubator and eggs, thanks to Purdue Animal Sciences Research and Education Center, the students watched in awe as the miracle of life unfolded before their eyes. From the delicate cracking of the eggshells to the fluffy emergence of tiny chicks, each moment was met with gasps of wonder and eager questions.

Guided by Mrs. Habben, and student teacher, Mrs. Reppert, Room 6 explored the intricate stages of a chick's development. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, they learned about the different stages of a chick's life cycle, from egg to chick to adulthood. 

The experience was not only educational but also deeply immersive, as the students took on the roles of caretakers, ensuring the eggs stayed warm and safe. Students named their egg, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their fluffy friend. They learned valuable lessons in responsibility, empathy, patience, and the importance of nurturing life.

As the eggs began to hatch, the classroom was filled with chirps of new life. The joy and wonder on the students' faces was priceless as they welcomed the fluffy newcomers into the world.

Through this enriching experience, Room 6 not only gained a deeper understanding of life cycles but also cultivated a sense of curiosity and respect for the natural world. As the feathery friends continue to grow under the watchful eyes of a Room 6 family, the learning journey of the young scientists in Room 6 remains an egg-citing adventure filled with discovery and endless possibilities.


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Teacher hold chick, student petting