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Book Buddies are fun for Everyone
Kristy Delp

At Mintonye, one of the favorite days for any class is Book Buddy day. Once a week two classes meet up to read books. The class gets into small groups and they read a book together.

The weekly meeting is a chance for students to meet other students. It’s also a chance for younger readers to practice reading with older students where they feel safe and happy while they demonstrate improved engagement in reading. For the older buddies, it helps improve confidence in reading while increasing cognitive awareness.

“I like reading with my buddy, I wave at him when I see him in the hallway” – Ethan, a kindergartener from Miss Delp's room said. 

Below are pictures of Miss Delp's kindergarten and Mrs. Davis's second grade enjoying book buddies in the sunshine!

girls reading
reading near building
2 kids reading
boys reading
more groups reading
Children reading
several groups reading