Tippecanoe School Corporation
100 Days of Learning
Kristy Delp

After the holidays, our students at Mintonye start anticipating finishing the first 100 days of school. The 100th day of school is a BIG deal in any elementary classroom. It means that we have reached 100 days of school and have learned a TON! It is a significant accomplishment and a great one to celebrate. The 100th day is a great day to reinforce, practice, and build student number sense to 100 in our primary grades.  Some classrooms made trailmix with 10 groups of 10 different snacks.  There were some scavenger hunts for numbers to 100 and 100 Hershey kisses.  Kindergarteners made 100 day hats and brought in collections of 100 things.  For our 5th grade students it was an extra special 100th day because it was their 1000th day at Mintonye.  Some 5th graders wrote a letter to themselves in 1,000 days when they will be juniors in high school.   Other 5th grade 1,000 Day activities included a STEM challenge (make a free-standing structure with 1,000 items - 750 toothpicks and 250 mini-marshmallows), a 1,000 word challenge, and a 1,000 seconds physical challenge (10 stations of exercises, 100 seconds at each station).  Of course, 5th graders had to do the math to prove that they had been in school for 1,000 days!  Here's the equation:  5 years (K - 4th grade) x 180 days each year = 900 days + 100th day = 1,000 days.  Time flies when you're learning AND having fun!!

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