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Book Buddy Fun at Mintonye

For the past 15 years, Miss Delp’s kindergartners and Mrs. Davis’s second graders have gotten together on Friday afternoons for book buddy time. For 20-25 minutes each visit, second graders read their weekly story and a library book or two to their kindergarten friends. Most students are in pairs, but due to classroom size differences, there’s always a group of three here or there. In the fall and spring, these classes go outside to read (and visit a bit, too). During the colder months, the classes take turns hosting each other in their classrooms.

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Student creating braille with buttons

Last week third graders in Mrs. Clevenger's class at Mintonye Elementary were visited by Mrs. Kathy Nimmer and her dog, Tate. Mrs. Nimmer taught the students about the Braille alphabet and then asked them to think of a wintery word that they would like to write in Braille. Students first drew the dots that made up each Braille letter in the word they had chosen. Then, they glued buttons over the dots to create a raised surface for their letters that mimicked Braille. Mrs. Clevenger's students were most excited when Mrs. Nimmer read the Braille word each student created!

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