Tippecanoe School Corporation

Car Rider Procedure

Attention Mintonye families:  Please see below for a change in our car rider drop-off and pick-up procedures.

Due to construction taking place on the east side of the building (where car riding students used to be dropped off and picked up), students will now be dropped off and picked up in the back of the building and enter/exit from Door 8 (see the area in blue on the map that outlines the student drop-off and pick-up zone).  In order to do our best to prevent congestion on County Road 800 South, we are changing the way in which cars enter/exit the building for arrival and dismissal.

Cars dropping off and picking students up during arrival and dismissal will enter the building in the west entrance in a single line (no longer a 2-car “zipper line”), and enter the front parking lot driving in the aisle between the parking spaces closest to County Road 800 South.  See the red arrows on the map to show the traffic flow of vehicles dropping off and picking up students.  Please leave room for bus traffic driving between Mintonye and Southwestern Middle School.  Vehicles will also yield at the east entrance of the building for buses.  These areas are outlined in yellow.  Once entering the drive that wraps around the east end towards the back of the building, vehicles will stay closest to the sidewalk and pull all the way forward while in the student drop-off zone for students to exit their vehicles onto the sidewalk, and enter the building through Door 8 (the blue star on the map).  Staff members will be outside along the sidewalk for supervision.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new procedure to respond to the needs of building construction and attempts to prevent traffic backup onto County Road 800 South.


car rider map