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Four students are sitting on the slide and stop to smile at the camera
Two students smile at the camera as they get ready to eat their sack lunches
Two students wearing masks sit at their table cutting out images to create something
Student wearing mask is working independently on a worksheet using their textbook
Teacher and students are wearing masks as the teacher instructs from the white board
Student is wearing a mask while they read independently at their desk
Three students are wearing masks and headphones while seated on the floor working on their iPads


Students sitting in a circle

Academics are, of course, important for students and teachers at Mintonye Elementary. However, teachers also feel that it is important for students to learn skills that will be important throughout life, such as shaking hands, looking someone in the eye, and answering questions. Adults know that each of those skills improve with experience, Mrs. Miller’s room 7 is learning those particular skills now in her class, and practicing several times a week with something she calls Community Circle.

Boy Coloring

This week Mrs. Clevenger’s 3rd Grade created cereal box book reports about the story, Soccer Shootout. Using a cereal box as their base, the students created a catchy name for a cereal related to the story and then illustrated the front cover for their "cereal". On the back of the box each child designed a game, maze, puzzle, word search, crossword, or other fun activity that included information from the story. On each side of the box students wrote a one paragraph summary about the story and instead of listing cereal ingredients, they included story elements about the book such as the main characters and setting. On the top of the box students listed the story title and author information, and the number of stars they would give the story if they were a book critic. The class enjoyed the opportunity to creatively present their book report information.

Children reading in gym

Welcome to Reading Buddies from Mrs. Frauhiger and Mrs. DeGolyer’s classroom!  Mintonye fifth graders from Room 16 meet weekly with their kindergarten Reading Buddies from Room 11. We enjoy sharing our weekly reading story with our buddies and reading the picture books they bring from the library.  The friendships we are developing and the reading skills we are practicing create positive bonds between the oldest and youngest members of our school community!

Nursery Rhymes in Mrs. DeGolyer's Class

Kindergarten boys and girls have been working on a nursery rhyme unit in Mrs. DeGolyer's classroom. It has been lots of fun learning new rhymes while enjoying some of our familiar favorites. During the nursery rhyme unit, they focused on literacy skills such as phonemic awareness, rhyming words, sequencing, and alliteration.  As a wrap-up for the nursery rhyme unit, each child selected a nursery rhyme to memorize along with dressing as the character they selected. A Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme program was held on the stage for all Kindergarten families to enjoy!

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