Tippecanoe School Corporation
Students coloring independently at their tables, #maskuphoosiers
Students climing on playground equipment, #maskuphoosiers
Friends preparing to go to class, #maskuphoosiers
Mintonye Elementary School
Students working independently at their desks
Student reading independently at desk, #maskuphoosiers
Students working on art projects, #maskuphoosiers
Student independently working on Chromebook, #maskuphoosiers


Engel Award

Southwestern Middle School choir students will have an opportunity to learn about music that was composed in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Purdue Agriculture Spring Fest

Purdue is excited to offer VIRTUAL events for families this year for SPRINGFEST. One event is the Ag+STEM Camp. Students and parents can participate in a variety of Ag+STEM lessons in the evening between April 12 and April 15.

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