Tippecanoe School Corporation
Students are sliding down the curly slide and stop to smile at the camera
Students smiling at the camera before they open their lunch boxes
Students wearing masks are cutting paper and creating at their table
Mintonye Elementary School
Student wearing mask is using a textbook to complete a worksheet at their desk
Teacher and students are wearing masks while the teacher instructs from the white board
Students are wearing masks and reading independently at their desks
Students are wearing masks and headphones while sitting on the floor working on their iPads


Mrs. Davis 2nd grade class

Second grade students at Mintonye are learning so much in music class each week with Mr. Nicolia. They are learning how to play different instruments and sing. Click on the videos below to watch the classes playing Quaker Quaker. In this song students are learning how to play ostinato patterns, short rhythmic phrases that repeat themselves, on xylophones, triangles, and drums while they sing.

Boy eating apple

John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Ontario, as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia. To honor John Chapman's legacy, elementary schools including, Mintonye Elementary, host a Johnny Appleseed day every year.

reading in sunshine

At Mintonye, one of the favorite days for any class is Book Buddy day. Once a week two classes meet up to read books. The class gets into small groups and they read a book together.


Our community recognizes the opportunity to support our local schools and students. Will you join us by being a Read to Succeed Volunteer? 

Painting hearts

This past Saturday was the 20th year after the  tragedy of September 11, 2001. Mrs. Wise's third grade class spent an afternoon learning about the importance of September 11th in our country's history.

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