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Students are wearing masks and headphones while they work on their Chromebooks
Four students kneeling down to peer through the whole in the playground equipment
Two students wearing masks while working independently on worksheets at their desks
Two students turn from the lunch table t smile at the camera
Two students wearing masks while they work at their table on worksheets
Globe with students in the background reading independently at their desks
Student wearing a mask looks over the top if the book they are reading


Grover Class

First Graders in Miss Grover's class did a lesson on Friday, January 14th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The class watched a BrainPop Jr. video and learned about the impact Dr. King had on the world. The video led to a discussion where the class discussed prior knowledge about Dr. King and new information the video taught them. The class also learned about Dr. King's specific goal and impact as well as the overarching message, which was to treat all people with equal respect and kindness. 

wingspan boy

Students throughout the Mintonye building enjoy Mrs. Pruitt’s Active Calming Center. Students work through the stations starting with the use of their major muscle groups, then progress to stretching, task completion, and end with deep belly breathing. Mrs. Pruitt rearranged her office to make room for the stations so that students can come see her for a break as needed throughout their days.  Mrs. Pruitt and Mintonye students enjoy their time together to connect through the Active Calming Center.

Holiday Journal

Mrs. Swick’s Class has been learning how the November/December holiday season is celebrated around the world. First the students made their own suitcase to travel around the world. Then they received plane tickets and passport stamps for each of the countries they were going to “visit”. 

children using hand lenses

Grinch day is an all day event in Mrs. Grider's first grade classroom. The students begin the day by noticing the Grinch left them a  note on the board saying "You've been Grinched". They then began noticing changes in the classroom. The pencils were green, the candy canes on the Christmas tree were green, and Mrs. Grider's markers were all green. The class also did many literacy activities including reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss and answering comprehension questions.

Students sitting in a circle

Academics are, of course, important for students and teachers at Mintonye Elementary. However, teachers also feel that it is important for students to learn skills that will be important throughout life, such as shaking hands, looking someone in the eye, and answering questions. Adults know that each of those skills improve with experience, Mrs. Miller’s room 7 is learning those particular skills now in her class, and practicing several times a week with something she calls Community Circle.

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