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Three students working independently at their desks but smiling at the camera
Two students talking with their teacher
Several students getting ready to eat lunch at the cafeteria tables
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Boys eating popsicles on a bench.

On Wednesday, May 17,2023 Mintonye Elementary kindergarteners had a fun day at school. Fun Day consisted of 10 stations that were played outside with a popsicle break in the middle. This was the second year of Kindergarten Fun day and the children had a great time being outside with friends. We had several parent volunteers come to help with Fun Day. Parents were running each station and we also had parent group leaders to lead the groups around to each station. Some of the stations included, a parachute and whiffle ball station, a toss and catch game, water balloon toss, sidewalk chalk and bubbles just to name a few. We also had two Llamas visit thanks to Evan Overbay at Highland Heights Farm. The kindergarteners and parents also had a picnic lunch outside together. Then, in the afternoons each class enjoyed a movie and snacks to finish out Fun Day. There was fun to be had by, children, parents and teachers at the second annual Fun Day at Mintonye Elementary.

second graders sitting and listening to high school students

Tuesday, May 2, the Mintonye second grade classes had the opportunity to explore nature and work with some awesome McCutcheon Science students. Mrs. Abby Bymaster and her student's provided the second graders with instruction about plants, trees, water, and wild life. The second graders went on trails, made animal prints, competed in the garlic mustard challenge, climbed hills, and explored the creek.

Second grade teachers were worried about the possibility of some rain but there was no rain! It was a little bit chilly on that Tuesday, but the students never complained. Everyone had a great day and the Mintonye Students not only learned a lot but they made some great friends! 

Girl holding bag of ice.

Last week Mrs. Sebald's Fifth Grade class spent the week learning about physical and chemical changes. They did little activities throughout the week.On Friday, May 5th,  they did a hands-on activity so that the students could experience a chemical change for themselves. The class made ice cream in a bag! It turned out to be a beautiful day and fun was had by all! 

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